Thorsten Ball

The Paperback Edition of Writing A Compiler In Go

14 Aug 2018

Well, that certainly went quicker than I planned.

I knew from releasing the paperback edition of Writing An Interpreter In Go that a lot of people still prefer paper over eBooks. So it didn’t come as a big surprise when, right after the release of Writing A Compiler In Go, people started asking me about a paperback edition.

But I replied that before I start working on a paperback edition, I first need to take a break. I’ve worked on this book for close to a year and I wanted to sit back and take a big breath. I knew that I’ll eventually release a paperback, but that could wait a few weeks, or months even.

As it turns out, I’m pretty bad a taking big breaths when there’s something I can and want to do. So, here we are. Exactly two weeks after the release of the eBook, Writing A Compiler In Go is now available as a paperback:

It’s 18cm wide and 26cm long, exactly like its predecessor. They look good when put next to each other on a shelf. This one is thicker, though, with 338 pages — roughly 60 more than the first one.

The other notable change is that this book doesn’t have full-color but monochrome syntax highlighting. When I released the first paperback edition of Writing An Interpreter In Go I did not yet realize how expensive full-color printing really is. Now I do and know why nobody else does it, which is also why the current paperback edition of Writing An Interpreter In Go is black & white, too.

I’m pretty happy with how it turned out:

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