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Hi there! My name is Thorsten Ball. I'm a software engineer and writer, living in Aschaffenburg, Germany, a small city near Frankfurt am Main.

I work as a software engineer at Sourcegraph and self-published two books.

I like to develop, optimize and take care of sophisticated systems. Or put another way: I like to program where the rubber hits the road -- wherever that may be.

In the early morning hours I love to deep dive into topics that interest me: programming languages, interpreters, compilers, web servers, systems programming, Unix, databases.

I'm a big fan of digging deep and peeling away at abstraction layers to get a better sense of what I'm working with and more leverage higher up. In short: I love learning new things.


Writing An Interpreter In Go

Self-published in November 2016

In the book we build a programming language from scratch. We start with 0 lines of code and end up with a fully working interpreter for the Monkey programming language. We build the lexer, the parser, the AST, the object system, and the evaluator — written with tests first and without 3rd-party libraries. This book is not about theory, its focus is runnable, working code.

Find out more and buy it at

Writing A Compiler In Go — Available now!

Self-published in July 2018

This is the sequel to Writing An Interpreter In Go and contains the next step in the evolution of the Monkey programming language: we're switching out the tree-walking evaluator for a bytecode compiler and virtual machine. It starts where the first book ends, uses the same codebase and follows the same approach: working code front and center, written from the ground up, tested and runnable.

Find out more and buy it at


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