Thorsten Ball
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Hello! I'm Thorsten.

I work remotely as a software engineer for Sourcegraph and self-published two books.

You can also find me on Twitter, GitHub, LinkedIn, XING and Facebook.

What I enjoy

Reading, writing, programming.

Developing, optimizing and taking care of sophisticated systems. Or put another way: I like to program where the rubber hits the road — wherever that may be.

Deep diving into programming languages, interpreters, compilers, web servers, systems programming, Unix, databases.

I'm a big fan of digging deep and peeling away at abstraction layers to get a better sense of what I'm working with and more leverage higher up. In short: I love learning new things.

What I value

Simplicity, minimalism, rawness, honesty, essence.

Humor. Humor isn't less important than seriousness.

Kindness, harmony, humbleness. There's always something to learn.

Discipline, craft, professionalism.

Curiosity, joy, beauty, improvements, change.


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